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IPOD Shuffle

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

I disassembled a family members IPOD shuffle that no longer worked. Typically if the battery in a Shuffle dies, it can still be used as a USB Key and store data. However, this one had soda pop spilled on it and was then submerged in soapy water overnight (not my idea!). The result was a non-working IPod with rusted circuits.

Apple does not recommend disassembly of the unit and in Australia a unit exploded sending a boy to the hospital when he attempted disassembly. The most difficult and delicate part of the procedure is removing the base of the unit where the USB connector is located. Force should NEVER be used when trying to remove the USB connector. There is less than a centimeter of leeway. To make things more difficult in the procedure Apple uses a crap load of glue in assembly and an Exacto knife must be used cautiously. The battery, which has been known to explode, is actually a gel pack. Puncturing the battery would be a bad idea!!

Here are some links of how to take apart IPod Shuffles.