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CompUSA NAS devices

Friday, October 13th, 2006

I bought an external NAS enclosure from CompUSA since they were having a store closing at the Metro Center. (Go to and do a search on 334218). 60% off the retail price, yeah!! After popping in a hard drive, I noticed there was an option to update the firmware. However, in typical CompUSA fashion they didn’t supply a website to go to.

After much searching, I found out that the box is really a V-Gear LANDISK AMVG1-017-001 or just a V-Gear LANDISK. There was a newer version of the firmware (024) which fixed issues related to ARP, MacOS Tiger, and DHCP issues. I updated my current version of the firmware (019) to the new version and voila. I now have an updated box that says V-Gear in the firmware.


The latest working URL is at