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CrossOver Office and Office 2007

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

So I downloaded CrossOver v7.01 and tested it on an iMac with MacOS 10.5.3. 

Office updates will not run (Security updates please!!!).
Desktop search will not install.
Initial issues printing (I can probably fix this, but I’m lazy). 

Some of these are known issues in the forums and are being worked on….I’m waiting!!

Other than that, everything works great!  Looks like I’m still stuck with VMWare Fusion 🙁

BootCamp with Vista Upgrade- Clean Installation

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

You’re a legitimate owner of Windows and you’ve purchased the upgrade, but you can’t get Bootcamp to work.  Why?  Because Windows doesn’t have the correct drivers installed to eject the disk.  If you can’t eject the disk, how the heck are you supposed to prove you’re a legitimate owner?!?!    I suppose you can install Windows XP via bootcamp, face some fun driver cleanup issues, and do a lot of extra work to clean up the disk.  Wow, did you ever get screwed! 


Here’s the solution:

Your Windows DVD has all the various versions of the Windows installation files on the DVD.  They judge your installation based on your product key.  Leave the product key blank, uncheck the “Automatically activate Windows when I’m online”, click Next.  Click No, when you are prompted to enter the product key before continuing.  On the setup screen select the correct version of Windows that you purchased (minus the upgrade option of course).  Remember we’re doing a full installation, not an upgrade……Well at the moment anyway. 

Note: Do not run any updates!!!

After the installation and you’ve booted into Vista, pop in your upgrade DVD and choose Vista Upgrade Media.  Enter your legitimate product key through the prompts and choose the Upgrade options.  After the installation has finished, run your updates, activation, etc, etc.

Let me know how this goes.  I’m just recalling this from memory and didn’t do a step by step like I usually do.  Guess I’m getting lazy.


Make sure you do the upgrade from within Windows.  If you boot from the installation disk to do the upgrade, it will not work.

Apple Optical Sound Problem

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

My MacPro with Logitech Z5500 speakers connected via a Monster optical cable was having a problem with sound.  Specifically when playing music through iTunes the voices would sound extremely quiet, while the music was loud.  After fiddling with the equalizer inside iTunes and finding no tweaks in 10.5, I gave up and purchased a fix.
A company called JoeSoft makes a product called Hear.  I purchased this from the Apple Store ($10 cheaper than the manufactures website) and changed the threshold on the sound.  Problem fixed.  My only complaint is that this problem takes up a lot of resources.
If anyone knows a freeware fix for the problem, then please let me know.