Mac Security Software

I like Intego more than Mcafee on the Mac side.  I’m running a triple boot MacPro and a MacBook Pro.  Since I’m a staff member/student I purchased a couple licenses from a company called CreationEngine.  It was half the price of the retail version of Internet Security Barrier X5 Personal Antispam Edition DP.  The software comes with a license for BitDefender Internet Security 2008 for Windows and a link to a 32 bit download of the software. 
I’m not crazy about running 32 bit software with a 64 bit OS.  So I downloaded a trial version of the Bitdefender from Bitdefenders website, which has 64 bit drivers, and plugged in the serial #.  Hey it worked!  I didn’t see anything in the license agreement preventing this, so it seems kosher.
I contacted Bitdefender support and asked if I could run the same serial # for two Windows partitions on the same hardware/PC.  Amazingly they said it was Ok.  Woo hoo!

In case you don’t recall, Safari doesn’t have much in the line of antiphishing technology.  That’s why I purchased the software.

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