OU Admin Training–Thoughts

I went to some OU training and found a few gems of information I thought I would share.

To see a GUI version of Group Policies being downloaded:

Start\Help and Support\Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems\Advanced System Information\View Group Policy settings applied\ 

Using the netdom utility:

netdom.exe move computer_name /Domain:asurite.ad.asu.edu /OU:OU=m.myou.mysubou,OU=m.myou,dc=asurite,dc=ad,dc=asu,dc=edu /UserD:myusername /PasswordD:*

Adding the asterisk at the end of the command will prevent your password from being echoed on the screen…..Oooohh, ahhhhh…..Isn’t that cool?

Force a user to choose between OS’s:

In the boot.ini file change the timeout to “-1” without the quotes.  The default timeout is 30. 

ASU is complaining that departments are using global groups too much and should be using Universal Groups instead.  Apparently using the former causes more network traffic.  Shouldn’t IT, err UTO be more concerned about the compromised PC’s on campus doing warez file shares and hack attempts?  Oh wait I almost forgot what they told me, “We build our applications and systems with security from the beginning, it’s not an afterthought.”  Silly me.
Well anyway, that’s what I learned from my 16 hours of training.

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